• My Favorite piece.
    When I first stared writing, my most recent published work was always my favorite thing I had written. Probably because it was new and exciting to me. As the … Read more
  • Flash Fiction Friday
    I’ve decided to do a fiction Friday thing. I’ve seen other writers do a short story each week and post it and thought it was a neat idea. Figured … Read more
  • It’s Nano Time!
    It's Nano time! OK. I'm a little late announcing it. Only three days. That's not too bad, right? So what is Nano? What, have you been under a rock … Read more
  • Steampunk Anthology
    When the powers that be at Corrugated Sky Publishing decided to do a steampunk anthology. I said sure. I would love to do a steampunk story to include in … Read more
  • The Blank Page
    There is one thing I fear as a writer, and that is staring at the blank page at the beginning of a new project. I think most writers feel … Read more