I’m sure a lot of ya’ll are like me: On lock-down for whatever reason during this Covid-19 pandemic. Not to mention bored out of your mind. I suddenly have all this time to do the things I know I need to do, but absolutely no gumption to get it done. I have so many things I want, and need, to do, and when I start on something my brain jts shuts the fuck down. Right now my anxiety levels are battling with my boredom levels for supremacy over my frazzled brain.

There are a ton of things I should be doing, and for once I actually have the time to do them. I even have the time to do loads more things. I am an at risk person for this virus and so have been keeping myself away from things, mostly other people. It’s just the stress levels have reached a point that I shut down before I can accomplish even the most simplest of tasks. It takes a great amount of effort to even get started on something, let alone finish.

Mostly I find myself vegetating with hours of World of Warcraft, which is fine right now because they are having a double XP event throughout the month. It doesn’t get the things done, though. So for now I just struggle through and try and find a way to get done the important things. I have a plan for when this is all over. Now would be the time to start getting that into play. Fingers crossed I can do that.

I’ve been playing around on my Pinterest account, trying to get my followers up on social media and such so maybe I can sell some of my books. That’s helped a bit of the boredom but often will end up with me looking at the clock and wondering where the last 3 hours went. Speaking of which, on the 19th I will be starting a free promo for my first book, Otherplace. You can also see my other books here.