Flash Fiction Friday

I’ve decided to do a fiction Friday thing. I’ve seen other writers do a short story each week and post it and thought it was a neat idea. Figured I would do the same thing, but I’m gonna make it easy on myself, mostly because I’m lazy. So welcome to Flash Fiction Friday! But wait, what is flash fiction? Well, simply put, flash fiction is a story that is generally no more than a few hundreds words in its entirety.
To make things a bit more interesting I’m gonna make all of them connected. I’m going to follow the life of the main character Millicent Stroad, from birth to death. Not really gonna go in chronological order or anything, just as I write them. I might compile them in a list in order for those that don’t like the disjointed feel of it all. But that will come after I’ve written a few more. Anyway, here is the first installment of the flash fiction series Millicent.

Millicent hated this section of road, especially at night. During the day it was bad enough; a winding road through dark trees that stretched for miles and miles with no signs of life. But at night it is a different world. Night is when the demons come out. Millicent tried to focus on the road ahead but her eyes kept finding their way back to the edges, to where they lurked.
She thought she saw… no, nothing there, just a trick of the light. She turns her eyes back to the road. Concentrate Milly, she thought. Don’t give in to them.
She could feel their eyes on her. A quick glance to the side. Yes, there they are, just as she knew they would be. Her gaze stuck to the side of the road, just at the edge of the car’s lights. The demons in the shadows.
Their claws bit into the trees as they skittered just ahead of the car’s lights. Amorphous bodies melted from tree to tree. She couldn’t see their eyes, but she could feel them, cold black orbs to match their nature. The demons danced at the edges of the light, taunting her. She knew if she could just see one creature, get it into the light, then maybe she could give it a name and it wouldn’t be as terrifying.
Her father had once told her it was nothing but a trick of the light, just harmless shadows. Millicent knew different. She knew the truth. And she knew it was one more reason the world was a scary place when you are seven years old.

Tune in next week for the next episode of Millicent!