This week we get a brief look at Millicent’s birth, and the bizarre circumstances that took place.

Emily Stroad screamed and squeezed her husband’s hand even tighter.
“Are you sure you don’t want any drugs,” he asked.
Emily nodded, determined to have this child naturally.
The doctor said it was too late for the drugs anyway, the baby’s head was crowning now. It wouldn’t be long at all.
Emily bore down when the doctor told her to. A few more pushes and Emily felt the last of the baby leave her. It was a surreal feeling for her after so long with the child inside her.
Then everything was silent. No doctor telling her what it was. No nurses chattering at how cute the baby was. But, even more importantly, no baby crying.
Emily tried to sit up to see what was happening. Her husband looked worriedly over into the corner where everyone huddled.
“What? What’s wrong with the baby?”
One of the nurses moved slightly, and that’s when she saw it. A black mass wiggled on the table, vaguely baby shaped. One nurse clutched a set of rosary beads as the doctor worked to pull the black material away from the baby.
As she watched, the black shroud surrounding the baby evaporated, leaving no trace of its existence. Leaving nothing at all but a pink, healthy looking baby.
“It’s a girl,” the doctor said as if everything were fine. “Do you have a name for her yet?”
Emily looked at the baby again and blinked. She had the vague sense that something had been wrong, horribly wrong, but now she couldn’t think of what it was. The nurses and the doctor seemed happy with the outcome, so everything must be OK.
After they completed the checks, one nurse brought the child over and placed her across Emily’s chest, commenting on what a good girl she would be.
Emily looked at the baby who hadn’t cried and smiled at her. “Millicent, her name is Millicent.”
And it would be many years before Millicent cried.

Next week we have a bit of a time jump. I told you I was gonna go back and forth, right?

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